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Ensuring A Safe and Successful Delivery

Although this topic can be discussed and utilized year-round, it is especially important as we approach the holiday season. ‘Porch Pirates’ will be out in full force, ready to take what is not theirs. There are a few ways to ensure your package is delivered safe and sound, and I want to offer some guidance on that, as well as explain a new tool we have on the site to help with tracking your package in.

The first step to ensure your package is delivered safe is the delivery address. We get many questions from people asking if they should use their real address or real name for their order. The answer to both of these is YES! You want to use your real address and your real name for the delivery. If the package is not being sent to your home address, then make sure to use the recipients normal/real name on the delivery address. This will ensure the package is delivered. Despite some common misconceptions if you use a fake name, and your real address it does nothing to prevent any legal liability. The only thing it does is confuse the post office and the mailman and can cause your package to be returned to sender, and routed to dead mail; meaning you don’t get your order and you lose your money. So please, use your real address and your real name. If you don’t use this info and the package is not delivered, then the customer takes the loss. If you use your real address and info and the pack is not delivered. then we take the loss and resend. Moral of the story here: please use your real info!

Once your order has been sent, please sit back and relax and allow a week for delivery. The majority of orders are received in less than a week, and we ask you to allow a week before you begin emailing us inquiring about the package. This brings me to my next point. If you are curious about the status of your package after it has been sent, we have some tools you can use to check the package status online. On the GearDepot website, you now have access to tracking information for your completed orders. When you log in to your account, you are automatically taken to the “My Account” page. From there, just click on “Orders” and select the order you want to track. That page will open up and you will see your tracking number with a link to track your package. This is a good tool to use to have an idea of what day your package is expected to be delivered. In most cases, tracking will begin to update within 24-hours of when your package ships. If you do not see updates, don’t panic. The Postal Service does not always update tracking the moment they collect the pack (although they are supposed to) and the holiday season can cause further delays at times.

We ask that you do not check this constantly, but rather just use it as a tool to see when your package is expected to arrive. If it does not arrive with your mail on that day, then you can obviously check for delays… once your package arrives, collect it quickly, or have someone pick up your mail for you. If your package is not delivered on the day it is expected, please email us and we can look further look into it.

The majority of our packages are delivered in packages small enough to fit in a normal mail box; however, some carriers will still place these at the door or with a front office if you live in a apartment, condo, or gated community. A small percentage of orders are sent in medium boxes that are almost always left at the door, unless you have a locking parcel locker in your neighborhood or at your home (apartment complex, condos, etc).

If your neighborhood has had issues with packages being stolen from the porch, or mail stolen from mail boxes please be vigilant in collecting your package quickly once you see it has arrived. Use the tools on the site to approximate the day of delivery and before yo submit your order triple check that the address is correct!

Another useful tool gaining popularity is a video doorbell. You can pick these up for around a hundred bucks and you will receive notifications right to your mobile device when there is motion at your door—useful for knowing when a package is delivered, as well as when someone is at your door, welcomed or not. Some models even have voice features that you can talk to visitors (or intruders, for that matter).

If you use this advice and the tools we have on the site you will receive your order safe and sound! If you have any questions or comments on this matter please feel free to email us and inquire. We’re here 24/7 to help! Happy holidays!


G & All of Team GearDepot


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