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July 2019 Product Testing Results Are In!

KX Masteron – Tested at 100.85mg

KX Tri Blend – Tested at 389.59mg

KX Test Enanthate – Tested at 408.10mg

KX Tren Blend – Tested at 190.79mg

KX Tren Ace – Tested at 70.79mg (w/ 26.83mg of Test Prop)

KX Test Prop – Tested at 96.64mg

KX Equipoise – Tested at 538.90mg

KX Deca – Tested at 270.31mg

KX Test Mix – Tested at 284.28mg

KX Test Cypionate – Tested at 179.96mg

Kaballero Winstrol – Tested at 55.38mg

Kaballero Anadrol – Tested at 53.31mg

Kaballero Anavar – Tested at 56.53

Kaballero Arimidex – Tested at 1.32mg

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Latest Round of Testing: 3.13.2019

Below you will find test results for our most recent batch of test results. In addition, all test results are posted on the individual product page for convenience and easy viewing.

NEW PRODUCT: Kaballero Arimidex – Tested at 1.99mg



























AstraLean Clenbuterol – Tested at 54.18mg


























Viagra – Tested at 69/76mg

























Kaballero Nolvadex – Tested at 22.96mg

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GearDepot Now Testing ALL Products

Here at Gear Depot, we are now testing all of our products to ensure quality and consistency across the board. As a consumer, it is never a good feeling to take something you are not 100% confident in; similarly, as a supplier, it is never a good feeling selling something you are not 100% sure of. Given the amount of options you have when ordering gear online, we want to take the “what if” out of the equation and be completely transparent with what we are selling. We are confident in our gear and we are placing all test results out there for all to see. As we get new results in, they will be posted here on our blog. Below you will find the first dozen tests that we have received back, that we can confidently put our name behind.


Kaballero Anadrol – Tested at 79.55mg













Kaballero Anavar – Tested at 50.97mg













Kaballero Dianabol – Tested at 48.03mg


KX Equipoise – Tested at 611.03 mg/mL













KX Test Cypionate – Tested at 185.64 mg/mL















KX Test Enanthate – Tested at 423.19 mg/mL













KX Test Mix – Tested at 327.25mg/mL













KX Test Propionate – Tested at 100.07 mg/mL














KX Tren Acetate – Tested at 74.63 mg/mL















KX Tren Blend – Tested at 226.77mg/mL















Kaballero Proviron – Tested at 48.89mg














Kaballero Winstrol – Tested at 63.20mg




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Test results from Kaballero Anavar and Winstrol

New Test results!

We promised to release test results and here they are. In this batch we have the Kaballero Stanozolol and Anavar. Please see the results listed below. We send these tests to the lab blind to be analyzed so we are able to get a true unbiased result. Our acceptable testing range on these is +/- 5% .

8055: Kaballero Anavar tabs 50mg (TESTED AT 56.89) *GOOD
7055: Kaballero Winstrol tabs 50mg (TESTED AT 46.32) *GOOD

We’ll have another batch of tests coming back in the next 10-14 days, we will post those up as well for all to see. If you have any questions or need to verify these test results you can do so on the Janoshik site.

Thanks, G and all of team Gear Depot!