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Ensuring A Safe and Successful Delivery

Although this topic can be discussed and utilized year-round, it is especially important as we approach the holiday season. ‘Porch Pirates’ will be out in full force, ready to take what is not theirs. There are a few ways to ensure your package is delivered safe and sound, and I want to offer some guidance on that, as well as explain a new tool we have on the site to help with tracking your package in.

The first step to ensure your package is delivered safe is the delivery address. We get many questions from people asking if they should use their real address or real name for their order. The answer to both of these is YES! You want to use your real address and your real name for the delivery. If the package is not being sent to your home address, then make sure to use the recipients normal/real name on the delivery address. This will ensure the package is delivered. Despite some common misconceptions if you use a fake name, and your real address it does nothing to prevent any legal liability. The only thing it does is confuse the post office and the mailman and can cause your package to be returned to sender, and routed to dead mail; meaning you don’t get your order and you lose your money. So please, use your real address and your real name. If you don’t use this info and the package is not delivered, then the customer takes the loss. If you use your real address and info and the pack is not delivered. then we take the loss and resend. Moral of the story here: please use your real info!

Once your order has been sent, please sit back and relax and allow a week for delivery. The majority of orders are received in less than a week, and we ask you to allow a week before you begin emailing us inquiring about the package. This brings me to my next point. If you are curious about the status of your package after it has been sent, we have some tools you can use to check the package status online. On the GearDepot website, you now have access to tracking information for your completed orders. When you log in to your account, you are automatically taken to the “My Account” page. From there, just click on “Orders” and select the order you want to track. That page will open up and you will see your tracking number with a link to track your package. This is a good tool to use to have an idea of what day your package is expected to be delivered. In most cases, tracking will begin to update within 24-hours of when your package ships. If you do not see updates, don’t panic. The Postal Service does not always update tracking the moment they collect the pack (although they are supposed to) and the holiday season can cause further delays at times.

We ask that you do not check this constantly, but rather just use it as a tool to see when your package is expected to arrive. If it does not arrive with your mail on that day, then you can obviously check for delays… once your package arrives, collect it quickly, or have someone pick up your mail for you. If your package is not delivered on the day it is expected, please email us and we can look further look into it.

The majority of our packages are delivered in packages small enough to fit in a normal mail box; however, some carriers will still place these at the door or with a front office if you live in a apartment, condo, or gated community. A small percentage of orders are sent in medium boxes that are almost always left at the door, unless you have a locking parcel locker in your neighborhood or at your home (apartment complex, condos, etc).

If your neighborhood has had issues with packages being stolen from the porch, or mail stolen from mail boxes please be vigilant in collecting your package quickly once you see it has arrived. Use the tools on the site to approximate the day of delivery and before yo submit your order triple check that the address is correct!

Another useful tool gaining popularity is a video doorbell. You can pick these up for around a hundred bucks and you will receive notifications right to your mobile device when there is motion at your door—useful for knowing when a package is delivered, as well as when someone is at your door, welcomed or not. Some models even have voice features that you can talk to visitors (or intruders, for that matter).

If you use this advice and the tools we have on the site you will receive your order safe and sound! If you have any questions or comments on this matter please feel free to email us and inquire. We’re here 24/7 to help! Happy holidays!


G & All of Team GearDepot


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Domain Changes Explained

As many of you know we have the website online to make ordering much easier. Obviously the nature of our business makes it hard to do this on a long term basis as it’s a cat and mouse game to a certain extent. Last week we had our domain “challenged” by the hosting company. This is a weird situation for the hosting company and for us; I will try and explain a little more for anyone that cares to understand.

For the last 5 years or so, we, and many other sources that have a website, have had issues with keeping the site online, as the domains are being challenged by a 3rd party company called LegitScript. LegitScript started up a while back to combat all of the counterfeit selling of prescription/controlled drugs online… if you think of all the cheap Viagra and Cialis, and a host of other semi-regulated drugs, being sold from other countries, you can get an idea of what they are going after. Basically, the larger pharmaceutical companies, who are losing money to the knock off drugs being sold online, are the customers of LegitScript. These big pharma companies pay LegitScript to use bots and other online tools to track down anyone selling anything that competes with these large pharma companies. Normally this is not an issue, as the other rouge pharmacies are on servers in countries that no one can touch them, but the domain registrars (the companies that you buy your domain name from; think GoDaddy in the US) are where they have leverage. They contact the domain registrar telling them that they have sold a domain to someone who is selling something illegal, and then force the domain registrar to contact the owner of the domain to prove they are not counterfeiting or selling things illegally. Obviously that’s hard to prove, so they end up taking the domain, forcing us to jump to another domain registrar with a new domain.

It is a frustrating ordeal, as law enforcement is in no way involved in this; rather, it is just a private business doing the dirty work of big pharma. Our site generally stays under the radar, but it seems every year or two we get targeted and have to change domains. This is what happened to us last week, so we had to change over to the domain. Although the site is on the new domain, all of the customer information (username, password, etc) remains the same, you just have to find the site at now.

Anyhow, I wanted to share that with you guys so you have a bit of a better understanding of what’s going on here. If you have any questions about this or want to know more, please reach out and let us know, we’re here every day and always ready to help.

G & all of Team GearDepot

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July 2019 Product Testing Results Are In!

KX Masteron – Tested at 100.85mg

KX Tri Blend – Tested at 389.59mg

KX Test Enanthate – Tested at 408.10mg

KX Tren Blend – Tested at 190.79mg

KX Tren Ace – Tested at 70.79mg (w/ 26.83mg of Test Prop)

KX Test Prop – Tested at 96.64mg

KX Equipoise – Tested at 538.90mg

KX Deca – Tested at 270.31mg

KX Test Mix – Tested at 284.28mg

KX Test Cypionate – Tested at 179.96mg

Kaballero Winstrol – Tested at 55.38mg

Kaballero Anadrol – Tested at 53.31mg

Kaballero Anavar – Tested at 56.53

Kaballero Arimidex – Tested at 1.32mg

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Cash Payments Using BTM’s

In an effort to stay on the forefront of payment problems that seem to be almost inevitable in this industry, we are always on the lookout for new, SAFE, ways to accept payment. It would make all of our lives easier if we could place a credit card terminal right on our website; however, if we were to do that, we would have been shut down years ago.

The newest craze in the financial world is Cryptocurrency. Although many of you may not use this, it is one of the safest options out there today. A new tool that is gaining traction around the country are BTM’s, short for Bitcoin ATM’s. This is a way you can take cash to a location, verify yourself with a just a phone number, scan a code that we provide to you, and deposit cash in the ATM.

Although there are thousands of these Cypto ATM’s across the country, they seem to be more prominent in the more heavily populated areas… thus, this will not be a viable option for every one. To see if you have a BTM close to you, simply CLICK HERE and enter your address. A list of BTM’s will populate starting with the closest. Only select this option at checkout after you have verified that you have access to a BTM in your area.


The fees on this are a bit higher (for now)… we believe these fees will go down over time once these grow even more in popularity. You will see the fee schedule for each BTM near you, but don’t be alarmed by this. Currently, fees are anywhere from 10-14% of the purchase amount; however, we have set forth a flat 5% fee charged to the customer. The remaining percentage will be absorbed by Gear Depot.

The process here is very simple and, from the feedback we have gotten in our test groups, the longest part of the whole process is depositing the bills in to the “vending machine like” ATM.

At checkout, select the BTM Cash option (by selecting this option, we assume you have already verified you have a BTM close by). When we reply with payment info (within 24-hours), we will send you the total (inclusive of the 5% fee), along with payment instructions and a QR code that you will take with you to the BTM (usually just saved on your phone). Here is a breakdown of how the BTM payment process will work.

1. Once you get to the BTM, you will need to verify yourself with your mobile number.

2. Once you enter your phone number, you will receive an SMS Text Message with a verification code; enter that code when prompted.

3. Once verified, you will be given the option to buy or sell Bitcoins, select BUY.

4. You will then be asked to scan the QR code (which we will have provided to you).

5. Once the QR code has been scanned, you can then enter your bank notes (in the amount of your order and 5% fee).

6. Select “I’m Done” or similar and you will be given either a paper receipt or a text message confirmation.

7. Take a picture of the receipt, a screen shot of the text message, or a picture of the BTM screen when you are finished.. this will show the amount of BTC purchased and a confirmation code. Send this to us via email, we will confirm, and your order will be shipped out the next day!

If you have any questions on this new payment method or something does not make sense to you, feel free to reach out.


G and all of Team Gear Depot

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Bodybuilding on a Budget and Living a ‘Semi-Normal’ Life

I see a lot of novice bodybuilders doing some pretty extreme things to gain an edge. I want to take some time in this article to address some of these and try to sort out what is worth your time and money.

The majority of us over complicate bodybuilding (myself included). It’s amazing how many advances in science and health have pushed the envelope in bodybuilding in just the last 20-30 years. It’s a very exciting time, as we have more science behind this sport than ever before. I would venture to say that bodybuilders and cyclists are at the forefront of technology, nutrition, drugs and physiology. I can speak to the crazy things some guys will do to gain even a fraction of a percentage in bodybuilding. Everything from the plethora of peptides on the market today, to drugs like EPO & DNP, to waking in the middle of the night to have a huge calorie packed shake. I have tried them all and I want to reflect on the value/return of these efforts, in the grand scheme of things, to try and separate what is really worth your time, money and effort.

Workouts and Training – obviously this will be the first thing on the list; we know this works and we know it’s needed to create a stimulus for the body to adapt to. Some guys like the low volume HIIT stuff, others like higher German style volume training, but the majority of us probably fall in the middle here. There are a thousand different training programs so we won’t get granular here, but I want to express the importance of regularly changing your training style and trying some different types of training. if you notice your training getting stagnant, then don’t be afraid to try some HIIT training for a few months. On the other side, if you’re doing some really hard core training and busting your ass, don’t be afraid to give yourself a break and let the body heal up 100%. I feel like I spent so many years training hard, but never allowed my body the time it needed to fully heal so while I was breaking the muscle down on a regular basis, I never got all of the growth out of each workout because I dove right back in and trained those muscle groups again because it was ‘chest day’ or ‘leg day’ again and I needed to stay on a schedule. Rotate your exercises, workouts and rest days.

Recovery – this is something I wish I had put more effort into earlier in my career. You can call it active recovery, or whatever you want, but doing any combo of extreme stretching (read the DC guide on this), yoga, sauna and cryotherapy will help your body recover and stay injury free. Watching a 270 pound inflexible bodybuilder doing yoga is quite comical! The first several times I did it, I hated it! I didn’t like how weak and inflexible I was in so many of these poses, but the more I did, the better I got and I saw a huge difference in my posing and especially in my range of motion for many of my lifts. Hot yoga is also great to crank up the intensity one more notch, or doing some basic stretches in the sauna can help achieve the same effect. Cryotherapy is a new fad but is becoming a solid part of many top athletes recovery regime. On your days off or after your workouts be sure to incorporate some form of this as it will help with recovery, flexibility, and generally make you feel and perform better.

Nutrition – in order to build muscle your body needs high quality nutrition. If you asked me 10 years ago, I would have told you that you have to eat every 2-3 hrs to build muscle on a regular basis. That is 6+ meals per day! That’s a lot for the average guy and there are some things that need to be taken into account.

  • How big are your meals? Some guys like to feed on small meals throughout the day; however, others, because of lifestyle and schedule will do better on 3-4 larger meals per day.
  • What is the quality of food you are eating? This will dictate how fast your food can process and how soon you can put more down the hatch. There is a big difference between eating a burger at a fast food joint or having the fajitas at Chili’s, as opposed to cooking a burger or fajitas at home with organic quality ingredients. If you don’t believe me, try it and see which one makes you ‘feel’ better.
  • What type of food are you eating? Everyone has certain foods that their body “agrees with,” and seems to digest better and provide more satiety than others. You will find those foods through trial and error, but when you do, that is what you will want to incorporate into your diet.

Post Workout Nutrition – this is something that can be done for cheap and pays major dividends in building muscle. You have an increased anabolic window for about 90 minutes after you train. This anabolic window is caused by the body deleting its glycogen and other nutritional reserves during your workout, thus creating the ability for the body to super compensate and reload those lost nutrients + some extra. A good analogy is squeezing a damp sponge in your hand and wringing out all of the water in it (this is your workout). If you eat nothing after your workout, then your sponge remains dry, but if you immediately take that sponge in your hand and dip it into a bowl of water it will soak up ever ounce of water it can hold. Your body does the same in this 90 minute window. The body is depleted and is begging for nutrition to help start the repair process. During this time,your body will shuttle amino acids and sugars much faster than normal. I recommend between 30-60 grams of whey protein and some simple sugars (30-60 grams of sugars) as soon after you get done working out. It takes minimal planning to do this and it is not expensive if you bring a shake with you to the gym to have a quick refuel right after you train. It is wise to plan your next meal about 45-90 minutes after you have this shake.

Steroids and HGH – there is no contesting that Steroids and HGH do work. I am not going to go into too much detail here, except to say that when looking at what steroids to take, it is always a safe bet to stick with the basics. A testosterone ester should make up the base of your cycle, then depending on your experience, you can add another inject like Equipoise, Deca, or Tren to supplement the testosterone. The only other thing I would recommend is an oral steroid like Dbol, Winstrol, or Anavar. Keep the doses low to moderate and understand that you’re not going to consistently get the gains you got on your first cycle or 2– they will taper off the more you use steroids. Before you up the dose on steroids, try incorporating a different workout program, some active recovery, more rest, or tweak your nutrition.

Supplements – anyone who has been in this game long enough probably knows that the majority of supplement claims are BS, or highly exaggerated. That being said, I want to briefly touch on the supplements I think we can all agree on that should be a staple in any program. Whey protein in some form should be supplemented for your post workout shake, and/or for meal replacement throughout the day. Find a real whey protein isolate! If you look on your tub of protein and see that it has whey protein concentrate listed on the bottle the chances are it is mostly concentrate and very little isolate. In my opinion the isolate is far superior. You can research the reasons why and see for yourseld. The next supplement I would spend my hard earned money on is creatine. I think creatine has more clinical studies done on it than almost any other supplement. Simply put, creatine works. It helps to push more water into the muscle, allowing it to perform better. If you can afford some powerful anti oxidants and a good multi vitamin then I would definitely advise that as well. There are thousands of different supplements on the market, and while many of them have shown to increase this level or that, leading to increased performance I don’t believe the return is worth the investment on most of them if you are a novice or recreational athlete on a budget.

I remember being a young aspiring bodybuilder about 20 years ago, chatting with the current Mr. Olympia. I was a die hard, if he told me eating 2 pounds of dirt each day would help me build bigger muscles, then I would have done it! I wanted every edge I could get. In speaking with Mr. O, he really surprised me with his simplistic approach to the drugs and a few other things. I was expecting him to give me the secrete pro bodybuilder stack of steroids I would use to get huge. What he told me kinda left me confused..? He didn’t know about half of the new peptides coming out, had never used igf, and said he relied on some Test, Eq, Tren and Anavar to prep for shows and the doses were not nearly what I expected (very low). Part of me did not believe him, as I know many guys say they take far less then they really do, but over the years and seeing how his body, mind, and enjoyment of life has held up over the years I have realized he was telling the truth.

If I had to give myself a few points of advice 20 years ago here is what I would say:

  • Building muscle takes time: there are some things you can’t cheat and time is one of those. Stay on your routine but get some hobbies so you’re not totally engulfed in this game trying to chase every little rumor promising gains.
  • Take more time to recover. Your body is not a calendar. If you don’t sleep well for a night or 2 in a row, you don’t need to be blasting a crazy leg workout the next day as your recovery ability is already compromised. Train hard, but rest smart. I would rather take an extra day or two off and ensure I have left ample time for recovery and rebuild, then train a day or two early and stay stagnant.
  • Pick 3 steroids to use (2 if you’re in the off season). Take some breaks from the gear if you are younger, if you are in your later 30’s then make sure to get some time on just a TRT dose.
  • Find the foods your body agrees with and incorporate those in your nutrition program.

If you take the points in this article and incorporate them in to your routine, I think you’ll see a strong foundation for muscle gain. Yes, there are thousands of things you could do to give yourself an edge, and all of those small advantages can add up to real gains, but the financial cost, time spent, and injury that can come from trying untested methods are not worth it for 95% us. Years of doing this will maximize your potential and still leave you with some money in the bank and some sanity in your head!

Thanks for reading. Any questions, please feel free to comment or email us, we love hearing feedback from you guys!