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Gray tops vs Black tops – Which is better?

We get asked a lot what the main difference is between our HGH kits (Gray Tops and Black Tops). I will take a moment to explain this so it makes a little more sense. Both of these brands of HGH come from China. We buy them from the oldest and most reputable seller over there. Our source sells these 2 brands of HGH, and we will buy whatever one is testing higher at the time we purchase them. Sometimes the blacks will test higher and sometimes the grays will. At Times they are almost even, and in that case we will buy 50% of each. When HGH is produced there are slight variables in the manufacturing and production process that will render it more or less potent. When we buy, we will get a sample of 5 kits of each batch and send 6 of them to testers we use that will have IGF levels tested, then we will send a vial of each off to have a real analysis done in the lab. This is not cheap but its given us peace of mind over the years so we know what we are carrying is legit. Many years ago I was ripped over time and time again from sellers sending me cheap crap. As many of you know, everyone says their HGH is “99.9% pure” lol. I can tell you this, I have yet to test an HGH that is 99.9% pure. If you get anything above 95% you’re doing excellent. You can spot the guys selling you garbage if they tell you it’s 99.9% pure. They may show you a lab analysis of it, but that’s not hard to fake.

I get a lot of emails from customers asking me what one is better? It’s hard to answer that question as they are both great. Some guys swear by the Meditrope black tops, and some guys swear the Gray Top’s are the best. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that whatever brand we have stocked is what is the most potent at the time we purchased them. I have continued to buy these from my supplier because they are consistently testing about 94%.

We welcome anyone to get their blood work done while taking our products, especially the HGH. HGH is expensive and you want to make sure that what you’re buying is legit.

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