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What makes GearDepot products different from the rest?

I get a lot of emails from guys asking about how our products/services are different from the other ones on the net. I try to explain it to them using a few key points.

#1 we are 100% USA domestic. We don’t send anything to our customers from outside the USA. We take the risk so they don’t have to. This is a huge bonus as it basically eliminates the risk of a customer getting into any trouble trying to import on their own. If you have ever received a customs seizure letter you know what I am talking about.

#2 We don’t use any fly by night Underground Labs. We sell 2 main brands, KX and Saizar. They have both been around for many years and we do many strict tests on these products to ensure they are legit and contain exactly what the label says they do. we test all of our products through an independent lab, you can see the most recent results here: Product testing results. These tests are not cheap or easy to have completed, but we invest in them to ensure that we are selling our customers exactly what we say we are.


So what do other labs do? I can’t go into great detail on where and how these lines are produced for security reasons, but I want to show you what 90% of the other Domestic service and UGL, labs are like. They are run by guys making the gear in their bedroom or in mother’s basement. They order some simple solvents and open up shop. They are making these injectables in a room that is not sterile and has contaminates everywhere! In order to properly bottle an injectable you need to have a ‘clean room’ and proper training on HEPA filters, laminar flow to reduce air turbulence, proper cleaning & sterilization, proper garments, etc etc. Most of the UG’s selling you gear for ‘cheap’ are doing so because they have very little overhead. They did not invest in a clean room, and clean room operation, proper testing of their products, correct manufacturing processes, and proper sterilization. These things all cost money! Many sources get raw hormones from shady china dealers who dont even test their products. Anyone manufacturing their own gear, needs to have analysis from the agent they are buying from, but common sense is to have it tested yourself too so you know what your getting and putting into your products.

Below is a few articles that are all UGL busts. I know who about half of these ‘labs’ are, but out of respect I will not divulge their identities. Have a look at the people arrested and the pics of their so called ‘lab’. You can tell by these images these people are not following proper and correct practices when manufacturing an inject that will be put in someone’s bloodstream.

After inspecting those articles you can see what their ‘labs’ look like. They are extremely poor, and I am surprised more people are not in the ER with abscesses or severe blood injections. There are a few really good labs and sources on this board/ and the net that I know for a fact use a great facility and really do take personally their customers safety and their customers hard earned money. I commend them for their honor in doing this and their dedication to offering a safe secure product.

Please be aware if a product is too cheap or seems ‘to good to be true’. We will be the first to tell you, there is good money to be made in this business, just like any business, but there are some costs that affect the price of the products and when I see sources selling products for dirt cheap, it really makes me concerned as to how they are manufacturing their customers gear. Most of you are smart enough to make this association on your own, so I won’t continue on this rant. I will end by saying the Kab, and Saizar lines are produced under the most strict clean room procedures we can create without being FDA approved. We take our customers safety very seriously and we commend the other sources that do this too.


G and Team GearDepot

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How do I use Bitcoins to pay Gear Depot?

When you place an order with us, tell us that you want to pay via Bitcoin. We will provide you with a unique “Receive Address” and the amount of Bitcoins you should send, along with a timeframe that the Bitcoins must be sent in via the email you provided when placing your order. It is very important to send the Bitcoins within the allotted time or your order may automatically be cancelled.

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Should I Order International or Domestic?

HGH and steroid sources are broken down into 2 main categories: International and Domestic. For those living in the USA, this means you can either order your gear from a source that is in another country and have it sent through USA customs; or you can order from a source that is domestic (in the country) and your gear will be sent to you from within the country; thus, avoiding customs.There are pros and cons to each. You will pay less for your gear when ordering it international, but you have to take the risk of the package being seized or much worse. Ordering from within the US will be more expensive and there are not as many sources; however, you have the added protection of knowing your package will not be inspected by customs and will arrive to your home (or P.O. Box) safe.

Here are a couple things to consider before you make this choice:

1. Where do you live within the US?

If you’re living in the midwest or west coast, chances are your package will come through west coast customs. Packs sent through west coast customs are scrutinized much more then packs sent through the east coast. Anyone with a postal code that starts with anything higher then a 3 is at risk of having that pack sent through the west coast customs. JFK and other east coast customs inspection points have a much higher volume of package coming through them and thus get less scrutiny. West coast has much less volume and almost every pack will be screened.

2. Do you have a safe address to have the package sent to?

It’s not wise to have an international pack sent to your home address. If your pack is seized, then they will put your home address on file and anything going there in the future will be inspected. In reality there are really no ‘safe addresses’ to use to have international contraband sent to. Some believe you can simply use another name, or a fake name (with your real address) and that will protect them from being prosecuted if they are busted. This is a naive way of thinking and it’s not going to do any good. Especially if you are muscular or into fitness, then they will know the package is for you. Customs will run a periodic blitz and stop every pack that is coming through! It does not matter how large or small it is, they will stop it and inspect the pack(s).

If you’re lucky you will simply have your order seized, and you will receive a ‘seizure letter’ in the mail asking you to produce some kind of documentation proving that you are legally able to import these medications. If you are not able to produce the documentation then they will keep the package and you will be placed on their list. If you’re not lucky they will proceed with what is called a ‘controlled delivery’. Your Package and tracking # will work as normal and your pack will end up at your door like normal, but moments later you will have the door kicked in and the feds will be crawling all over your house, you’ll be on the ground in handcuffs and your life will never be the same! Despite what some others may say, importing gear is not an easy process.

All domestic sources have to import their products in one form or another. Some will import the powders and then manufacture them here in the US. Others will import them from international sources and then re-sell them domestically. They will charge more as they have taken all of the risk out of the process for you, but you’re able to rest assured from a legal standpoint that you’re much safer obtaining the product through a domestic supplier.

Are all domestic suppliers safe? This is a good question and not very easy to explain. I would recommend buying from a domestic source that is long established . Many domestic sources will pop up and be gone within a matter of months. These are smaller operations being run by amateurs and while the products may seem cheaper, the old adage here is very true “ you get what you pay for” .

These are just a few things to take into consideration when you’re contemplating ordering from an international or domestic source. Please remember to be safe and make an informed decision.

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Getting your Blood Work Done? READ THIS!

We encourage everyone to get their blood work done Here are the reasons why: General health and wellbeing. Your blood work is a roadmap to your body and your overall health. 90% of the diseases and ailments you could have in your lifetime, including cancer, and many other terminal illnesses will show themselves in your blood work long before they manifest symptoms on the outside of your body. It’s wise to know what your cholesterol and other lipids are at, along with your liver and kidney markers. Some guys are not comfortable asking their doc for a blood work test while using steroids, as normally the Dr. is the one requesting the blood work. If you have insurance, then I would highly recommend making an appt with your doc and asking for a full panel blood work to be done. I would make sure to ask them for all of the endocrine testing.


If your not comfortable letting your doc know your on steroids, then I would look at using some of the online services for doing blood work. This may sounds weird getting your blood work done from an online lab but its really pretty easy. Theres dozens of online labs that specialize in blood work. You get on the site, sign up for an acct, select the blood work testing you want done and they will give you a list of lab corps. and many other similar companies you can visit to have your blood drawn. They will draw the blood and send it off to the lab for analysis and email you the results so you can privately read them. Most of these companies make deciphering the blood work very easy as they have graphs and guides to show you if your in the normal limits, or high/low. If you would like a recommendation for one of these labs please let me know. we have a few we have been very happy with thus far.

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Dark tren vs light tren – What does it mean?

The tren products we carry will oftentimes differ in color. There is a notion that the darker the tren, the more potent the gear. That is not true at all. The color of the tren products (and many of the other products) has to do with the oxidation of the raw tren hormone & the way its made. some of the other things that will make the color of product differ from batch to batch are:

  • The type of carrier oil used
  • The amount of time heat is applied during the brewing process
  • Type of solvents used during the brewing process
  • The type of raw materiel (some of these raws are manufactured using different methods and this can change the color drastically)

I was skeptical of this in the beginning too as I noticed some batches of tren were darker in color and others here lighter in color. We have done extensive testing on the tren we get from our suppliers. when I first noticed this difference in the colors of the tren I sent 2 samples off for testing of a 75mg tren product. One was very dark in color, almost dark order brown, the other was a much lighter shade. When we got the analysis back the dark tren tested at 71mg/mL, while the lighter was 82mg/mL. we’ve done many tests exactly like this in the past and seen the same results but the other way around. This led me to research this topic some more to get a better understanding so I could better explain this to our customers. The factors listed above are key in determining the color of the finished product. Please take this into consideration if you see a slightly different color in your oils. We have extensive testing done on our products, you can always find the recent tests here on our site to ensure you’re getting exactly what you pay for.