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Is My Humatrope Legit?

I want to take a moment and explain this to our customers. We have been selling the Humatrope 72 iu kits for several years now. I believe these are the highest quality HGH kits I am able to procure and we pay top dollar to get them. Several months ago, I was made aware of some counterfeit or non-authentic Humatrope kits going around. At first this caught me off guard, as I would not think a Humatrope kit would be something profitable to fake, as there are many components to the kit including the HGH cartridge vial, the pen filled with BAC water, the packaging, etc. Going through the effort to produce all of these different elements in the kit would cost a small fortune and you would have to do this in China or some other country with lax controls on copyright and counterfeit policies. I was immediately skeptical of this and began to do some research to ensure the kits we have been buying are in fact real and authentic.

I believe 100% of the Authentic Humatrope HGH kits being sold on the black market are produced in Turkey. I believe Lilly has a production facility there and this is why the majority (if not all) of the Humatrope we see on the black markets are from Turkey. One would figure that buying from a source located in Turkey would guarantee you a legit kit, but I found this not to be the case. I obtained, what I know for certain is a real authentic Humatrope 72 iu kit. I also procured what I suspected was a non authentic Humatrope 72 iu kit. While looking at them both side-by-side, you’d be hard pressed to ‘see’ the difference in the packaging, as they are almost identical. Here are the main differences I am seeing as I inspect these both. Please note, this is not a be all end all for this subject, just what I am observing as I research this topic online and while holding the 2 kits side by side.

Key differences:

– the authentic kit’s box has a matte finish on it; the non-authentic one has a more glossy finish.

– the authentic kit’s label on the HGH cartridge holding the HGH powder has a few key differences.

a) the non-authentic kit’s label can be easily peeled off, the corners are not firmly glued on.

b) the non-authentic kit’s label has a slightly different color of yellow on the side closest to the rubber stopper you draw out off.

c) the authentic kit has the brighter, more pronounced yellow; the non-authentic has a more transparent slightly dull color. (see image below)


– the cylinder cartridge with the HGH powder in it has far less powder in the non-authentic vs. the authentic kit. In some of my research, I have seen others say the non-authentic cartridge has more powder, (less puck) in the HGH itself. In my experience, the HGH in the authentic kits have almost always been in a ‘puck’ form, and not powdery or loose.

The price would be the biggest red flag that I see differentiating these the most. I am seeing the non-authentic kits being sold for about 30-40% less than what we normally pay for them. I have also seen an abundance of sources offer to ship these kits from within the US (and still for 30-40% less cost). Normally we import these kits from Turkey into the US. Anyone claiming they can ship these from within the US for much cheaper than normal is most likely selling a non-authentic kit.

So are the non-authentic kits all fakes and useless? This is a very good question and one I cannot easily answer; however, I will give some info here that may help. We recently purchased about 50 of the non-authentic kits. A source we had used in the past was selling these trying to pass them off as authentic. We purchased them and, upon receiving them in, realized they are not identical to those that we have purchased previously. This situation was the genesis of this article and the research we have been doing on this topic. I wanted to see if the non-authentic product we purchased actually had HGH in it? I know many many products that are ‘faked’ or counterfeit, that we have personally tested have been found to have the correct active ingredient in it and at doses matching the label claim. Others will have authentic product, but less potent then the labels claim. Upon administering this HGH for a few days myself, I feel confident that it contains real HGH, as the immediate effects are felt by me and several others. We’ll be sending these out for testing as well, but the HGH testing takes longer to complete then other AAS. Once we have those results back we can formally report on this matter and help to fill in the gaps of information.

In conclusion I want to be as transparent as possible with our customers and anyone reading this. If you are purchasing Humatrope 72 iu HGH kits from Turkey, please make sure you know what you’re buying and do some research so you are fully aware of the hazards. We have a limited stock of the authentic Humatrope 72iu kits in now, and we will also be selling these non-authentic Humatrope kits as well– for a significantly reduced price until we are out of them. I feel confident that this batch of non-authentic kits we have in now do contain HGH, but I cannot confirm the exact amount yet, so please be aware of this.

3 thoughts on “Is My Humatrope Legit?

  1. Thanks guys
    For the continued work to keep our gear CLEAN

    1. No problem bro. We will always go the extra mile to make sure we carry and continue to carry high quality, authentic products!

  2. As of last year: They are simply opening good kits, removing those cartridges, and replacing them with “something” they’ve placed a counterfeit label on. The barrel for the counterfeit cartridge is stamped/embossed with a different code in the actual plastic tube than the 72iu kits. If you look closely, you can see they’ve peeled the paper off the plastic tray and re-sealed it after replacing the cartridge. Can even see line where new glue ends and old glue starts. I has assumed that they were just putting the 18iu cartridges with fake 72iu labels in. However a serum test did show GH but more like 5iu worth, so maybe those were very expired kits as well. Never had any 18’s to compare.

    Numerous other red flags, first was scratched-off serial codes so they couldn’t be validated, coupled with a BS story form suppliers about pharmacies getting in trouble via those codes, so have to remove. Also the serial and lot codes in black box on carton should be stamped/embossed, not printed. Various other font differences, etc. Has some fakes with finger print on adhesive side of cartridge label, clear indication label was not original and was replaced by hand.

    One does not go to all of this trouble to counterfeit from scratch. There is way too much tooling in the components. These are garage counterfeits. The smaller puck in and of itself supports the 18’s relabeled as 72 theory.

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