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Do I need to provide my real name for the shipping address?

No, you do not need to provide your real name, but I would highly suggest using it unless you have some reason you can’t. The reason for this is that if the package is not delivered at your home for some reason, and you have to go to the post office to claim it, they will most likely want some ID to get it. Please know that no one can open your package without a valid search warrant. Not even the postal inspector. Every year we see a lot of customers who don’t use their real name on the shipping info email me telling me their package was not delivered. We will investigate and 90% of the time the reason for non delivery is the recipients name does not match the name on the package. Its a common misconception that if you don’t put your name on the package then Law enforcement can’t prove you ordered it. This IS BS and it does not work like this. In the many years we have been doing this I have yet to have a package intercepted by Law enforcement. its safe to order from us and use your real name, so please do it.

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