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Ensuring A Safe and Successful Delivery

Although this topic can be discussed and utilized year-round, it is especially important as we approach the holiday season. ‘Porch Pirates’ will be out in full force, ready to take what is not theirs. There are a few ways to ensure your package is delivered safe and sound, and I want to offer some guidance on that, as well as explain a new tool we have on the site to help with tracking your package in.

The first step to ensure your package is delivered safe is the delivery address. We get many questions from people asking if they should use their real address or real name for their order. The answer to both of these is YES! You want to use your real address and your real name for the delivery. If the package is not being sent to your home address, then make sure to use the recipients normal/real name on the delivery address. This will ensure the package is delivered. Despite some common misconceptions if you use a fake name, and your real address it does nothing to prevent any legal liability. The only thing it does is confuse the post office and the mailman and can cause your package to be returned to sender, and routed to dead mail; meaning you don’t get your order and you lose your money. So please, use your real address and your real name. If you don’t use this info and the package is not delivered, then the customer takes the loss. If you use your real address and info and the pack is not delivered. then we take the loss and resend. Moral of the story here: please use your real info!

Once your order has been sent, please sit back and relax and allow a week for delivery. The majority of orders are received in less than a week, and we ask you to allow a week before you begin emailing us inquiring about the package. This brings me to my next point. If you are curious about the status of your package after it has been sent, we have some tools you can use to check the package status online. On the GearDepot website, you now have access to tracking information for your completed orders. When you log in to your account, you are automatically taken to the “My Account” page. From there, just click on “Orders” and select the order you want to track. That page will open up and you will see your tracking number with a link to track your package. This is a good tool to use to have an idea of what day your package is expected to be delivered. In most cases, tracking will begin to update within 24-hours of when your package ships. If you do not see updates, don’t panic. The Postal Service does not always update tracking the moment they collect the pack (although they are supposed to) and the holiday season can cause further delays at times.

We ask that you do not check this constantly, but rather just use it as a tool to see when your package is expected to arrive. If it does not arrive with your mail on that day, then you can obviously check for delays… once your package arrives, collect it quickly, or have someone pick up your mail for you. If your package is not delivered on the day it is expected, please email us and we can look further look into it.

The majority of our packages are delivered in packages small enough to fit in a normal mail box; however, some carriers will still place these at the door or with a front office if you live in a apartment, condo, or gated community. A small percentage of orders are sent in medium boxes that are almost always left at the door, unless you have a locking parcel locker in your neighborhood or at your home (apartment complex, condos, etc).

If your neighborhood has had issues with packages being stolen from the porch, or mail stolen from mail boxes please be vigilant in collecting your package quickly once you see it has arrived. Use the tools on the site to approximate the day of delivery and before yo submit your order triple check that the address is correct!

Another useful tool gaining popularity is a video doorbell. You can pick these up for around a hundred bucks and you will receive notifications right to your mobile device when there is motion at your door—useful for knowing when a package is delivered, as well as when someone is at your door, welcomed or not. Some models even have voice features that you can talk to visitors (or intruders, for that matter).

If you use this advice and the tools we have on the site you will receive your order safe and sound! If you have any questions or comments on this matter please feel free to email us and inquire. We’re here 24/7 to help! Happy holidays!


G & All of Team GearDepot


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Cash Payments Using BTM’s

In an effort to stay on the forefront of payment problems that seem to be almost inevitable in this industry, we are always on the lookout for new, SAFE, ways to accept payment. It would make all of our lives easier if we could place a credit card terminal right on our website; however, if we were to do that, we would have been shut down years ago.

The newest craze in the financial world is Cryptocurrency. Although many of you may not use this, it is one of the safest options out there today. A new tool that is gaining traction around the country are BTM’s, short for Bitcoin ATM’s. This is a way you can take cash to a location, verify yourself with a just a phone number, scan a code that we provide to you, and deposit cash in the ATM.

Although there are thousands of these Cypto ATM’s across the country, they seem to be more prominent in the more heavily populated areas… thus, this will not be a viable option for every one. To see if you have a BTM close to you, simply CLICK HERE and enter your address. A list of BTM’s will populate starting with the closest. Only select this option at checkout after you have verified that you have access to a BTM in your area.


The fees on this are a bit higher (for now)… we believe these fees will go down over time once these grow even more in popularity. You will see the fee schedule for each BTM near you, but don’t be alarmed by this. Currently, fees are anywhere from 10-14% of the purchase amount; however, we have set forth a flat 5% fee charged to the customer. The remaining percentage will be absorbed by Gear Depot.

The process here is very simple and, from the feedback we have gotten in our test groups, the longest part of the whole process is depositing the bills in to the “vending machine like” ATM.

At checkout, select the BTM Cash option (by selecting this option, we assume you have already verified you have a BTM close by). When we reply with payment info (within 24-hours), we will send you the total (inclusive of the 5% fee), along with payment instructions and a QR code that you will take with you to the BTM (usually just saved on your phone). Here is a breakdown of how the BTM payment process will work.

1. Once you get to the BTM, you will need to verify yourself with your mobile number.

2. Once you enter your phone number, you will receive an SMS Text Message with a verification code; enter that code when prompted.

3. Once verified, you will be given the option to buy or sell Bitcoins, select BUY.

4. You will then be asked to scan the QR code (which we will have provided to you).

5. Once the QR code has been scanned, you can then enter your bank notes (in the amount of your order and 5% fee).

6. Select “I’m Done” or similar and you will be given either a paper receipt or a text message confirmation.

7. Take a picture of the receipt, a screen shot of the text message, or a picture of the BTM screen when you are finished.. this will show the amount of BTC purchased and a confirmation code. Send this to us via email, we will confirm, and your order will be shipped out the next day!

If you have any questions on this new payment method or something does not make sense to you, feel free to reach out.


G and all of Team Gear Depot

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How to create a Bitcoin wallet?

The easiest way to create an account, or wallet. Here is the company we recommend as they are very easy to set up.

To create an act go to the address listed, then at the top left there is a green button that says ‘Create a free blockchain wallet’. Click that and go through the progressions to create the wallet. It should only take a few minutes. Once you are done, it should open to a page that will have your wallet address listed on it.

It should say: ‘This is your Bitcoin address’ with a long series of letters being it, looking something like this: œ1Gm4pN9FBtgtaftVJdVVyelBswaMztTZuiâ

You must remember all of this info, as if you lose it there is no way to get back in here. So save the PW and userID somewhere safe!

Next you will want to buy some bitcoins to put in your wallet. Now, there are many ways to buy or obtain bitcoins. There are many exchanges where people are offering to sell BTC. When they are selling the BTC ( bitcoins) they will sometimes charge a fee depending on how you pay for them. Most exchanges have some type of escrow system they use so you or the seller is not ripped off. On many exchanges you will find a seller of bitcoins and see what payment methods they accept. Most will take Paypal, some will take a bank deposit ( you will deposit $ in their bank acct), others will meet in person to exchange cash, and may other ways.

Here is a website with many different exchanges you can buy BTC on

I like to use Local bitcoins, but theres many on there that work well.

There is another service called ‘Wall of Coins’ that allows you to create an acct and deposit some cash into someones bank account and then have bitcoin transferred in to your bitcoin wallet. We have a blog post on this as well.

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Do I need to provide my real name for the shipping address?

No, you do not need to provide your real name, but I would highly suggest using it unless you have some reason you can’t. The reason for this is that if the package is not delivered at your home for some reason, and you have to go to the post office to claim it, they will most likely want some ID to get it. Please know that no one can open your package without a valid search warrant. Not even the postal inspector. Every year we see a lot of customers who don’t use their real name on the shipping info email me telling me their package was not delivered. We will investigate and 90% of the time the reason for non delivery is the recipients name does not match the name on the package. Its a common misconception that if you don’t put your name on the package then Law enforcement can’t prove you ordered it. This IS BS and it does not work like this. In the many years we have been doing this I have yet to have a package intercepted by Law enforcement. its safe to order from us and use your real name, so please do it.